Potato salad

  Christmas in Slovakia #3 Third and the last recipe of this year’s traditonal christmas recipes is a holiday dish also served during Easter time. Holiday Potato Salad Continue reading below and find a recipe that you might prepare this year and/or spring 🙂   Holiday Potato Salad To prepare potato salad we will need: … Read more

Christmas gingerbread cake

Christmas in Slovakia #2 Bebabel has prepared the second recipe from our trilogy of Christmas recipes, this time a sweet christmas gingerbread cake (but without ginger 😉 ) Simple Christmas gingerbread cake Keep reading and prepare a sweet delicacy for cold days 🙂 Christmas gingerbread cake This recipe is using a mug as a measuring … Read more

Christmas Kapustnica

Christmas in Slovakia #1 Bebabel has prepared one of the traditional Christmas recipes that you can find on almost every Christmas table. We have however prepared a simplified version so that everyone would be able to cook the meal we eat each year. Recipe #1 Simple Christmas Kapustnica Continue reading to discover the sauerkraut soup … Read more

Halloween in Slovakia

Halloween in Slovakia Have you ever wondered how is Halloween celebrated in Slovakia? Then you are on the right track to find out! It might not be the same tradition but it is altogether interesting to know what awaits you shall you spend your time here during these holidays. Yes, we celebrate Halloween in a … Read more