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English Courses

Do you want to speak English fluently?

Bebabel offers English lessons taught in Slovak and Spanish.

We will help you prepare for interviews and communicate fluently so that you can adapt to each topic with ease.

Our lessons are led by lecturers who have lived abroad for some time and who can explain to you the use and grammar of English according to your native language.

Conversation-based courses

English with Viki

Our lessons are focused on English in context and tailored to your language level.
During the classes, we work with language in everyday situations and on developing the ability to express oneself on various topics.

For Absolute Beginners

This course is dedicated to those who have very minimal or no experience with English.

This concerns levels A0 to A2.

For Intermediate

This course is dedicated to those who have an elementary to intermediate level in English.

This concerns levels B1 to B2.

For Advanced

This course is dedicated to those who have an intermediate level in English.

This concerns levels C1 to C2.

English with Viki

English Courses

Learn English with us!
Improve your vocabulary and learn to approach English practically as a communication tool.
Active use of the language is an essential element of our courses.
Try our group courses or individual lessons and start speaking English with us!

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At Bebabel, we offer English courses for context-oriented conversation.
Take courses for absolute beginners, or if you have some experience and want to develop them in terms of conversation and grammar, you can choose a higher level that will help you achieve the level of independent bilingual.

English Courses for Professionals

Are you looking for language courses for your international team?
Bebabel also offers individual and group courses for companies and entrepreneurs.

Let your employees get to know the customs, tastes and lifestyle of British culture and prepare them for international communication through Slovak or Spanish.

professional courses

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Let us show You how it works thanks to the Auditioning.
Become a listener to one of our classes and get to know our lecturers. You will be able to test Your level and have fun!