Our Method

Everyone learns differently!

At Bebabel, we are aware that no one way of learning works for each of us.
This is why we are constantly adapting our teaching to help you learn a foreign language as effectively as possible.

How does it work?

Our method is tailored to everyone

Ziadne knihy

No Books

We use material created and adapted to students and their level in all the classes. We then share all the prepared materials with our students.
Vela konverzacii

A lot of Conversations

For us, the purpose of studying a language is to use it. That is why we emphasize conversations and work with our students on everyday and professional topics.
Pisanie a gramatika

Writing and Grammar

Proper expression and the ability to write our thoughts are also part of communication. In our lessons, you, therefore, learn not only "how" but also "why".
Nauc sa rozumiet

Learn to Understand

Understanding and expressing oneself go hand in hand. Learn to understand the thinking in a foreign language and thus gain new opportunities to express zourself.
Vela precvicovania

A lot of Practise

We study language so that we can express ourselves and understand others. With us, You practice enough that new knowledge becomes obvious to you!
Rychly pokrok

Fast Progress

Talking, understanding, writing, these are all important parts. We adapt it to your needs so that you can see the progress on your own.

Various classes tailored to you

Simply Select

Your Language Combination
Individual or Group Courses
Possibility of Auditioning

Our mission at Bebabel is to provide you with a pleasant atmosphere. Our method not only encourages you in conversation but motivates you to dive into a deeper understanding of the language you choose.

We have therefore decided to provide courses according to the language you speak.

At Bebabel, we support language learning for both children and adults, in small groups or individually.

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We will be happy to show you how our method works via Auditioning.
Get to know our lecturers, and verify Your level of language
while having fun!

Bebabel Languages & Experiences

And what more?

With us, you can learn languages and also participate in various activities focused on cultures from all over the world.
Meet people with whom you can further develop and use the language you are interested in.

Take a look at our activities here:

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They say about us

Bruno from France

Thanks to Bebabel I am able to progress fast while getting motivated with each course. Vicky – our teacher – is very friendly and a hard-working teacher. She answers all our questions at the end of each course, no matter how much time it takes, (even on her birthday!).
She can always find the time to explain what we need. She is also very flexible with the schedule.

The ambience of our small group is very pleasant. Even if we did not have “normal” but only online courses due to Covid-19, I am always looking forward to seeing my classmates. I can only recommend it!

Slovak Course

Chris from The Netherlands

If you want to speak Slovak, Bebabel in Kosice is a very good choice. I had classes twice a week and within one year I was able to finish level A1. I am from The Netherlands, so my classes were online. I started last year before the Covid-19 but due to Covid-19, everyone followed the courses online. Or teacher, Victoria knows exactly what we need.

Victoria is nice, patient, flexible in her schedule, funny and smart. The classes are entertaining and the time flies. I have learnt a lot of vocabulary and grammar. We have always had homework after the class which was very useful to me. I am glad I chose Bebabel and can not wait for the next course!

Slovak Course

Miguel from Spain

Our teacher, Victoria, knows exactly what we need. She is good, patient, flexible, funny and clever. The course is fun making the time fly fast. I learned a lot of vocab and grammar. We have homework after each class which helps me a lot. I’m glad I chose Bebabel and I’m looking forward to the next course.

Slovak Course

Nika from Slovakia

I am very happy with the English course at Bebabel. The classes take place in small groups. I could naturally notice it and appreciate it as I could practise speaking a lot. The classes were very interesting and entertaining – we discussed a lot about the current societal problems, art and travelling and so on. We also spent a lot of time learning expressions and phrasal verbs which I also evaluate very positively. The whole teaching process was in a friendly setting and ambience. Bebabel is a language school which gave me a lot and that is why I can only recommend it.

English Course