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Spanish Courses

Do you want to speak Spanish?
At Bebabel, we will teach you Spanish regardless of your native language.

Bebabel offers Spanish lessons led by Spanish lecturers to help you adapt smoothly to each topic and use the language as quickly as possible.

Meet people from all over the world in group courses and speak Spanish with ease in a motivating ambience that will excite you and encourage you in your success.

Conversation-based classes

Spanish with Miguel

With Your knowledge of Spanish acquired with us, You will not only not get lost on a holiday in sunny Spain.
Even more, You gain an insight into the functioning of the entire Spanish and Latin American society.

For Absolute Beginners

This course is dedicated to those who have very minimal or no experience with Spanish.

This concerns levels A0 to A1.

For Elementary

This course is dedicated to those who have the basics of Spanish language.

This concerns levels A2 to B1.

For Intermediate

This course is dedicated to those who have the elementary level in Spanish.

This concerns levels B1 to B2.

Spanish with Miguel

Spanish Courses

Our lessons are dynamic, nimble and are prepared so that You can start communicating as quickly as possible. Building understanding and the ability to use the acquired knowledge in everyday life is one of our goals.

Discover the customs, tastes and lifestyle of Hispanic culture through their spirited language with a native Spanish teacher!

Group courses as well as individual Spanish lessons are waiting for you. Open the gates to the world of new possibilities with us!

I want to enrol

At Bebabel we offer Spanish courses for conversation related to Spanish culture.
With us You can take courses for complete beginners or if you have some experience and want to develop it with a native of Spain, you can choose conversation classes.

Spanish Courses for professionals

Are you looking for a language course for your international team?

Bebabel offers individual and group courses for professionals and companies.

Help your employees to get to know the traditions, and lifestyle of Hispanic culture using English or Slovak language.

professional courses

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Let us show You how it works thanks to the Auditioning.
Become a listener to one of our classes and get to know our lecturers. You will be able to test your level and have fun!