Halloween in Slovakia

Halloween in Slovakia

Have you ever wondered how is Halloween celebrated in Slovakia?

Then you are on the right track to find out! It might not be the same tradition but it is altogether interesting to learn what awaits you if you will be in Slovakia during these holidays.


Yes, we celebrate Halloween in a way...

First of all, when it comes to dates, Halloween as you know it is celebrated on the 31st of October. The celebration in Slovakia is influenced by the American culture in a form of parties and carnivals. However, as we know it, the holiday is composed of two days: Sviatok všetkých svätých - All saints - celebrated on the 1st of November and Pamiatka zosnulých - Remembering the late ones also known as Dušičky - Little souls - celebrated on the 2nd of November.

A little history of our "Halloween"

It is believed that Halloween as a celebration in Slovakia has been already taking place before the Christianity in Slavic era. The celebration back in the day looked slightly different, almost shocking to us opposed as to how it is celebrated today.

It is believed that the celebration would happen 4 times a year where people would feast, dance and drink on the grave of their late ones in masks while staging a symbolic battle with evil spirits.

The celebration could take place 40 days after the passing of the late ones, on "Halloween" and in the spring and autumn as it was believed that during the equinox the spirit world and our world would overlap bringing the dead closer to us.

Trees and plants were considered as an intermediary between the living and the dead resulting in people placing branches and flowers on the graves.

The "All saints" celebration is closely connected with "Remembering of all the late ones" which are, however, Christian holidays created in the 4th century.


Slovak Halloween celebration today

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