Bebabel activities and events

Experience culture from different countries, participate in workshops, improve your skills and abilities or organise weddings and parties.

Bebabel provides the possibility of renting its hall as well as organising activities and events for the general public.

Bebabel events

Bebabel podujatia

Unique moments, cultures and concerts


Discover events that will introduce you to the music, culture and customs of Slovakia and the whole world.

Experience live music of various styles such as jazz, rock, indigo, etc. from our local musicians.

Enjoy themed parties in the spirit of different European African or Asian cultures or participate in debates on interesting topics.

Let yourself be enchanted by the unique ambience and create extraordinary experiences with us!

Bebabel activities

Bebabel aktivity

Our activities are your experiences


Enrich your artistic skills through our workshops, have fun with your children or taste world cuisine, including Slovak cuisine, of course!

Bebabel activities for gourmets offer gastronomic activities such as wine tasting, French cuisine, traditional Slovak cuisine and more.

We also dedicate activities for children with the possibility of themed birthdays, puppet theatre or music and dances for children.

If that's not enough, learn new things and have fun in our art workshops, where we focus on painting workshops, drawing workshops, photographs and more!

Dance hall for rent

Sala na prenajom

Are you looking for a place for your party?


Bebabel will help you organise the party according to your ideas.

We tend to host balls, Christmas parties or gala dinners as a great way to top any significant event.

Do you want to find a meeting place for your whole class for a graduation party or a ten-year mett-up?
Are you looking for a dream place for your wedding?

Our private parties and celebrations include a DJ who plays during
the whole event.

Our ballroom with a sprung parquet floor is designed for various types of events.


We will help you arrange an ideal wedding according to your uniqueness and personality.

Everyone is exceptional, you can combine your wedding according to your ideas. Traditional, non-traditional, decent, pompous, full of candles and rose petals, it is all up to your taste.

Graduation party

Graduating from school or university is a point in life worth celebrating. Whether it means to you moving out and start your own life/career/family, it is your moment to be shared with your friends and family. Do not pass on this opportunity and pick the space and ambience you wish for the nicest memories. We simply help you prepare an unforgettable celebration.


Transfer yourself into the ambience of dance music, dances, tasty food and refreshments in the company of people you know and get to know.

At Bebabel, we will help you organise a ball with a theme you desire where everyone has the chance to enjoy the moment and remember it with joy.