Auditioning with Bebabel

Do You want to see how Bebabel Language Courses look like?

Our Auditioning possibility is made for you!

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Bebabel offers free Auditioning

What is Auditioning?

In Bebabel we want to give you the opportunity to experience our classes and method yourself.

Participate as a listener to the Auditioning, where you will be able to witness the language course which you select.

However, this lesson is a one-time course, so if you have already attended a demonstration of one course (Spanish, Slovak or English), you can only take part in a language class that you have not yet tried.

What do you need for Auditioning?

  • - Our classes are using application Skype or Google Meet.
  • - Potrebný internet / prísť osobne
  • - You will receive all the instructions when you select a language of auditioning
  • - You do not need to bring anything
  • - Time of our classes varies depending on the course You select (between 45 minutes to an hour and a half)
  • - You will find out how we teach and why it is so much fun 🙂
  • You can test Your level of the selected language
  • You will get to know our teachers
  • And what more, You will have fun with us 🙂
Are you hesitating?

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    Bebabel offers individual and group courses for professionals and companies.

    Help your employees to get to know the country where they currently live or prepare them for an international world using English or Spanish.

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