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Bebabel is a language and experience centre focusing on bringing together an effective teaching method and activities to help you get comfortable with the Slovak language.

Our Slovak for foreigners courses provides the opportunity to learn Slovak from English or Spanish at an intensity tailored to your needs.

Speak Slovak with us in an individual course or enjoy meeting people from all over the world in the group courses with occasional outdoor activities.

They say about us

Bruno from France

Thanks to Bebabel I am able to progress fast while getting motivated with each course. Vicky – our teacher – is very friendly and a hard-working teacher. She answers all our questions at the end of each course, no matter how much time it takes, (even on her birthday!).
She can always find the time to explain what we need. She is also very flexible with the schedule.

The ambience of our small group is very pleasant. Even if we did not have “normal” but only online courses due to Covid-19, I am always looking forward to seeing my classmates. I can only recommend it!

Slovak Course

Chris from The Netherlands

If you want to speak Slovak, Bebabel in Kosice is a very good choice. I had classes twice a week and within one year I was able to finish level A1. I am from The Netherlands, so my classes were online. I started last year before the Covid-19 but due to Covid-19, everyone followed the courses online. Or teacher, Victoria knows exactly what we need.

Victoria is nice, patient, flexible in her schedule, funny and smart. The classes are entertaining and the time flies. I have learnt a lot of vocabulary and grammar. We have always had homework after the class which was very useful to me. I am glad I chose Bebabel and can not wait for the next course!

Slovak Course

Miguel from Spain

Our teacher, Victoria, knows exactly what we need. She is good, patient, flexible, funny and clever. The course is fun making the time fly fast. I learned a lot of vocab and grammar. We have homework after each class which helps me a lot. I’m glad I chose Bebabel and I’m looking forward to the next course.

Slovak Course

Nika from Slovakia

I am very happy with the English course at Bebabel. The classes take place in small groups. I could naturally notice it and appreciate it as I could practise speaking a lot. The classes were very interesting and entertaining – we discussed a lot about the current societal problems, art and travelling and so on. We also spent a lot of time learning expressions and phrasal verbs which I also evaluate very positively. The whole teaching process was in a friendly setting and ambience. Bebabel is a language school which gave me a lot and that is why I can only recommend it.

English Course

Individual | Duo | Small Group

Select your Slovak course

Bebabel offers a wide range and combinations of Slovak courses.
The price depends on the type and the intensity of the selected course described below:

  • - Individual or Duo of 10 or 30 classes of 60 minutes taught once or twice per week
  • - Small group courses which take 90 minutes per session once or twice per week
  • - Family package possibility

For more detailed prices, please fill the form by clicking on the button below.

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Bebabel Languages and Experiences

Who are we?

Bebabel is a language and experience center focusing on Slovak for foreigners, English and Spanish courses combined with cultural activities to help each individual retain the language they learn.

Bebabel offers courses for kids, adults, companies and professionals with the purpose to support art and culture with activities directed at dances, art and various topics organised in our Activity Hall Tabacka.

How does it work?

Our method
tailored for you

Our method focuses on speaking rather than the old passive way of teaching.
With us you need no books since you converse a lot while still having enough time to practise writing and grammar.

This way you learn to understand, get used to and integrate the language through a lot of practise during and also after the classes to reach a quick progress.

Our method

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